Monday, May 5, 2014

What's Wrong With This Picture?

It looks like there are only 3 women in the cast of the new Star Wars movie. In fact I'm not even sure if that woman in the foreground is in the cast. She might be one of the producers (informed readers can set me straight on this, perhaps.) JJ Abrams is a hip, modern, PC leftie director living in Hollywood so why this 1970's throwback nonsense for the new Star Wars movie? The original Star Wars was quite innovative for the time, casting Carrie Fisher as a spunky, tough, sarky leader of the rebels. Is Abrams' heart in the right place? Possibly not. Few of us can forget the sexism of the last Star Trek movie and even though Abrams has been working on this script for the last year this is the best that he can do? This is a prima facie failure of the Bechdel Test. Contrary to popular belief science fiction is not a genre for boys. Many of the greatest and most interesting sci-fi writers have been women. The film Alien set the benchmark for a tough female sci-fi protagonist and although Ridley Scott's Prometheus was a horrible movie at least they had a cast full of strong and opinionated women. As a father of 2 girls who faces an uphill struggle to get them interested in the shit I was interested in as a kid I'm really ticked off at this.